Ministers at COP 19 to Barcelona Convention

Ministers committed to reduce pressures on marine and coastal environment in the Mediterranean

Ministers from Mediterranean countries and parties contracted to the Barcelona Convention, today renewed their commitment to enhance measures to reduce pressures on their marine and coastal environment through the Athens Declarations. …  

12 Feb 2016 | News story

Factsheet: Mediterranean Anthozoans

IUCN at the 19th meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention

Tomorrow the 19th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention hosted by the Hellenic Government, will be begun in Athens until 12 February 2016 with the participation of representatives of 21 Mediterranean countries and the European Union and other international organizations such IUCN, WWF, Oceana. …  

08 Feb 2016 | News story

Publication: Atlas of the Mediterranean Seamounts and Seamount-like Structures

Mediterranean seamounts, a hotspot of biodiversity

Relatively recent knowledge has been acquired by the latest advances in technology which have led to demonstrate the ecological significance of unknown ecosystems. Thanks to that new technology, in the Mediterranean over 242 seamounts, banks rises, highs, hills, spurs and other kind of sea floor elevations have been identified and described through the project “Atlas of the Mediterranean Seamounts and Seamount-like Structures” coordinated by Maurizio Würtz and Marzia Rovere with the collaboration of more than 20 experts and with the support of the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation. …   | French | Spanish

22 Jan 2016 | News story

Brochure bilingüe sobre rapaces amenazadas en el Mediterráneo

Conservación transfronteriza de rapaces amenazadas en el Mediterráneo (ES/FR)

Conservation transfrontalière des rapaces menacés en Méditerranée …  

20 Jan 2016 | Downloads - publication

Le site préservé des Aiguades, dans le parc national de Gouraya (Algérie)

Lancement du projet "conservation de la flore et des habitats" en Algérie

Dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre du projet de coopération relatif à la « Conservation de la flore et des habitats naturels avec les populations locales dans le sud et l’est du bassin méditerranéen (IPA-Med)», un atelier de démarrage et de lancement des activités du projet a été organisé les 18 et 19 janvier 2016, au Parc National- Réserve de Biosphère de Gouraya, wilaya de Béjaïa, afin d’informer les parties prenantes sur les objectifs et les effets attendus du projet et de les impliquer dans les différentes phases de sa mise en œuvre. …  

18 Jan 2016 | News story

Calendar 2016 - IPAs project

2016 Calendar: Conserving wild plants and habitats for people in the south and east mediterranean

The objective is to help and encourage public citizens, management authorities, local and national governments, experts and NGOs to conserve Important Plant Areas.

02 Jan 2016 | Downloads - publication

IUCN-Med Christmas card

A Mediterranean wish for 2016

From everyone in the IUCN Mediterranean Office, we wish to express our thanks to everyone, Members, donors, supporters, partners, and friends, who has been involved in what has been a truly fruitful year. …   | French | Spanish

01 Jan 2016 | News story

Participants at the 1st meeting of environmental journalists from News Agencies in the Mediterranean

Nature at the heart of Mediterranean press news

Fourteen press agencies have convened in Malaga with some of the strongest regional environmental organizations to find an answer to the challenges facing environmental reporting in the Mediterranean. The conclusions of these two days of debate have been echoed in a common voice through the Malaga Declaration published today. …  

18 Dec 2015 | News story

Inauguration of the final Conference of the MEET project in Barcelona.

MEET celebrates 3 years of ecotourism achievements in the Mediterranean

 Today the MEET team is closing in Barcelona the 3 years of activities in the last public event of the “Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism” project, co-funded by the EU Cross Border Cooperation ENPI CBC MED Programme. Over two days, from 10-11th December, two events took place: the MEET Final Conference and the Advisory Panel on Ecotourism (APE) workshop. …  

11 Dec 2015 | News story

Allocution de bienvenue par Antonio Troya
Directeur de l’UICN-Med et Youssef Saâdani
Directeur Général des Forêts (Tunisie)

Renforcement de la gouvernance et de la coopération entre les Réserves de Biosphère en Méditerranée

Les 24 et 25 Novembre à Tunis (Tunisie),  le Centre de Coopération pour la Méditerranée de l’UICN (UICN-Med), avec l’appui technique de l’Organisme Autonome des Parcs Nationaux  d'Espagne (OAPN), tient un atelier pour encourager le renforcement du partenariat et des opportunités d’apprentissage pour une meilleure gestion et gouvernance des Réserves de Biosphère en Méditerranée. …  

25 Nov 2015 | News story