Caribbean Members

The IUCN is the world’s largest community of environmental experts. Members act collectively as leaders, practitioners and experts.

Join IUCN: As an IUCN member you will benefit from IUCN’s credibility, expertise, networks and influence. Membership of IUCN is open to States, government agencies, and national and regional non-governmental organisations. Members share a common cause of concern for the sustainable future of the planet and the mission and purpose of IUCN.

Caribbean Members are currently in the process of establishing a Sub-Regional Committee for the Insular Caribbean. This Committee will facilitate coordination and collaboration among Members from the region and will allow them to have a stronger voice within IUCN and in regional and international fora. It will also play a role in guiding and monitoring the implementation of the Caribbean Initiative.

The Sub-Regional Committee will be tasked to prepare for the next session of the World Congress. At least one Regional Forum of members will be held before the next session of the Congress to enable members to evaluate the programme, strategies of the IUCN and the implementation of the Caribbean Initiative.

Caribbean experts are also active in all IUCN Commissions, including the World Commission on Protected Areas.

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