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IUCN's Washington DC Office is unfortunately not seeking interns for Summer/Fall 2016.

Past Interns

See what former interns have to say about their experiences working in the IUCN Washington, D.C. Office

"Interning at the IUCN Washington, D.C. Office has been a great opportunity to see how an organization like this works. The office has a fast paced, pro-active environment with the staff involved in many interesting projects. Interns have the chance to experience a variety of different aspects of the work and research currently undertaken in the office. DC is also a great place to get involved with environmental issues through the many meetings and conferences that take place in the city." – Jemma Aitken, Summer 2010 Intern

"Interning at IUCN Washington, D.C. Office was definitely an experience I won't forget. The work was completely substantive, and I feel like I truly got to know the ins and outs of what I was researching. I was able to see some of the to environmental shakers and movers speak around the city. The mood in the environmental field is undeniably one of action and urgency. It feels great to intern at the IUCN-Washington, D.C. Office and really feel like I'm playing a part in the fight to solve today's major issues." - Amy Willis, Spring 2009 intern.

“Working at IUCN is a great experience for anyone who has an interest in any aspect of environmental issues. The freedom each intern has to explore their specific interest as well as the chance to attend meetings or do research projects on any topic makes this an invaluable internship. Whether someone is just beginning to learn about environmental issues or they have a solid background in a particular area working at IUCN is an excellent opportunity to learn of a variety of new projects and ideas in the environmental world.
Along with being exposed to different ideas interning at IUCN allowed me to work with a great group of interns. It was great to see how a group of people with different backgrounds can all have an interest in environmental issues. The fact that everyone had a variety of interests enhanced my experience of learning different aspects of the environmental challenges facing the world. I feel lucky to have been able to spend a summer working with such intelligent, interesting, and motivated people who all want to help the environment.
” – Lange Clancy, Summer 2008 Intern

“I think our interns' active and positive attitudes about diverse projects and meetings make us special. Especially for an international intern like me, other interns' kindness made us bond with each other.” Su Jeong Suh, Summer 2008 Intern

“I enjoyed getting a taste of so many aspects of working for IUCN. We worked on projects like a Facebook initiative to raise IUCN’s profile among young people, a fundraising venture based on the 1% for the Planet program, research projects about topics from climate change to free trade, and meetings where we got the opportunity to hear speakers including Senator John Kerry and former IUCN Director General Achim Steiner. I felt like we were encouraged to really explore and develop our interests by supervisors who wanted to see us get the most out of the experience. For me, the best part of interning for IUCN was the bond the interns formed as a group during both IUCN-sponsored trips (the crab feast) and spontaneous outings around the city. I really feel lucky to have learned so much and met so many amazing people in such a short time.” – Amanda Hunt, Summer 2008 Intern