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The new (2012) IUCN Business Engagement Strategy builds on the recognition that the global economy is an important driver for the loss of biodiversity and also that the business world is beginning to recognise that it not only has a responsibility for mitigating the impacts of its environmental footprint, but that positive contributions to nature conservation can be good for the bottom line.

The Purpose of the Strategy

The purpose of the BES is to: provide IUCN with a coherent framework for influencing the business sector, a clear reference point as to the level of ambition expected from the business engagements, and a consistent approach to the management of reputational risks and quality assurance.

The Aim of the Strategy

The aim of the BES is to: Encourage transformational and demonstrable changes at the company and sectoral level in how biodiversity is valued and managed by businesses in order to conserve and restore biodiversity and to ensure that biodiversity benefits are shared equitably.

Key Lesson Learnt In The last 10 Years

  • Incremental change is not enough, there is need to move to transformational change
  • Business practice transformation has to include shaping regulatory frameworks
  • We need to leverage greater change by influencing a sector not a single company
  • The most contentious issue beyond direct impacts on biodiversity is the impact of business on natural resource dependant livelihoods

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