Study on indigenous peoples and climate change issues made available

08 April 2010 | Downloads - document

IUCN has undertaken an in-depth review of the concerns of indigenous peoples in relation to current international climate change and REDD-plus policy making.

The paper aims to contribute to the understanding of issues surrounding the rights of indigenous peoples and their contributions to the global climate change debate.

Apart from the involvement of indigenous peoples in the UNFCCC process, the report analyses the outcome of COP15 in Copenhagen and the role of indigenous peoples in REDD mechanisms such as UN REDD and the World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and Forest Investment Program. A compilation with links to various related resources allows the reader easy access to additional reading and relevant key documents.

The document is available here. Meant as a living source of information, the document will be enriched with feedback from IUCN members, indigenous organizations, partners and colleagues, who are all invited to send us their comments and contributions.


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