Cameron logging road

Forests are under the spotlight as never before. They are globally important in regulating climate and locally important in sustaining communities and supporting biodiversity. But with unsustainable logging, and agriculture and biofuel producers competing for land, forests, and the people who depend on them, are under increasing pressure.

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August 2011 REDD+ Gender Workshop in Accra, Ghana

Mainstreaming Gender Considerations into REDD-Plus Policy Implementation in Ghana

In view of the critical need to ensure that national REDD-plus strategies address social safeguards, particularly the recognition of the rights and interests of women and other vulnerable groups, IUCN, in collaboration with The Women’s Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO) facilitated a five-day engagement with key stakeholders on the mainstreaming of gender considerations in REDD-plus policy making in Accra from 5th – 9th September, 2011. …  

28 Sep 2011 | News story
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Wangari Maathai

Nature loses a heroine

IUCN is deeply saddened by the loss of Wangari Maathai, one of Africa’s foremost environmental campaigners and a great advocate for social justice, human rights, peace and democracy. Wangari Maathai has passed away in Nairobi at the age of 71. …   | Spanish

26 Sep 2011 | News story

The plight of mangrove forests in Pakistan - Film

Across the Indus delta in Pakistan, at Keti Bundur, Siddiq Roonjha narrates the once prosperous economic history of the area, his recent battles with cyclones and sea storms as his home was inundated in front of his eyes; his precious belongings lost. …  

14 Sep 2011 | Video

Primary Rainforest in central Reunion island

Leaders define pathway to restoring 150 million hectares of lost forests

A core commitment to restore 150 million hectares of lost forests and degraded lands worldwide by 2020 is launched today at a ministerial conference in Bonn. New analysis by IUCN estimates that restoring 150 million hectares would be worth US$ 85 billion per year to national and global economies. …   | Spanish

02 Sep 2011 | News story

Participants to the inception workshop of the national REDD and climate change platform in Cameroon

Civil Society in Cameroon forms a national REDD and climate change platform

On July 23, 2011, about 60 representatives of various civil society networks, government officials, international NGOs and representatives and the private sector in Cameroon gathered in the capital Yaoundé for a daylong workshop. Participants to this meeting sought consensus on how civil society organizations (CSO) should better organize for more effective participation in and contribution to Cameroon’s national REDD+ process. The workshop was convened by the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Nature with technical and financial support of the IUCN Pro-Poor REDD project. …  

26 Aug 2011 | News story
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Page de couverture

Guidelines and Manual

This Manual is first and foremost a community tool to facilitate implementation of Ghana’s National Wildfire Management Policy. However it will also serve as an instrument for fire management trainers in communities with little experience in fire management and for consultation by professionals, students, policy makers, practitioners and communities when faced with fire related problems and incidents. …  

25 Aug 2011 | Downloads - publication

Gulaga National Park

Birthplace of the Yuin People

Biamanga and Gulaga National Parks, Australia …  

25 Aug 2011 | Fact sheet
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UPU Letter Writing Competition Winners

Young writers' forest letter contest - Barbados and China win!

A Great Oak in Guyana’s Windsor Forest and an observant little tree ‘prepared to care for humanity’ helped 15-year-old Charlée Gittens from Barbados and 13-year-old Wang Sa from China to win gold medals in the Universal Postal Union’s 40th International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People. …  

19 Aug 2011 | News story

Papua and West Papua Provinces, Indonesia

Clarifying land rights as a pre-condition for pro-poor REDD in Papua Province, Indonesia

Secure rights over forests and the carbon within them is generally agreed to be a pre-requisite for any REDD+ mechanism to function successfully, and delivering this certainty has been a major pre-occupation of Governments and private sector investors. Defining these rights is not simple, at least in Indonesia, where up to 40 million people live within land designated as 'state forest' without any legal right to be there or to use the resources. In July 2011, at an international conference on Forest Tenure, Governance and Enterprise in Indonesia, ( one expert reported that “whilst in Asia overall about a quarter of the forest is owned, designated or managed by communities and indigenous people, in Indonesia less than a tenth of one percent has been formally devolved to local communities.” …  

17 Aug 2011 | News story
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Batfish, Chumbe Island Coral Park, Tanzania

An example to follow

Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania …  

16 Aug 2011 | Fact sheet
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