Task Force Profile

Co-Chairs: Ben Boer (for WCPA) and Antonio Benjamin (for WCEL)

In 2006 the World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL) and the Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) established a Task Force on Protected Areas Law and Policy.

Ben Boer (for WCPA) and Antonio Benjamin (WCEL) were appointed as co-chairs of the Task Force. Members of the Task Force are drawn from both WCEL and WCPA and come from a wide range of countries.

The Task Force is focused on analysing existing governance in protected areas and providing advice on improving governance models.

The general objective of the Task Force is to identify the legal principles and mechanisms that should be applied with using the IUCN management categories, including providing guidance on legal mechanisms for recognising privately owned, co-managed and community conserved areas.

The specific objectives of the Task Force include analysing the legal issues raised by rivate/community owned/managed protected areas and proposing legal solutions to accommodate rights and enforce responsibilities. The Task Force will facilitate interaction between and conduct of workshops for members of the task force, protected area managers and legal researchers.

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Bernhard Willem BOER
  • Ben Boer

Task Force Leader
Email: ben.boer@sydney.edu.au



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