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Stoloteuthis sp.

Seamounts project

The IUCN Global and Marine Programme is coordinating a UNDP / GEF-funded mid-size project started in January 2009.The project’s objective is to apply an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management for biologically and globally significant and commercially important areas beyond national jurisdiction in the Southern Indian Ocean, focusing on seamounts, with a long-term aim to demonstrate innovative approaches to improving conservation and management of unique biodiversity and ecological resources in the high seas. …  

19 Oct 2012 | Project description

Global Ocean Biodiversity Initiative - Working towards high seas conservation

Global Ocean Biodiversity Initiative (GOBI)

The Global Ocean Biodiversity Initiative is an international partnership advancing the scientific basis for conserving biological diversity in the deep seas and open oceans. It aims to help countries, as well as regional and global organisations, to use and develop data, tools, and methodologies to identify ecologically significant areas with an initial focus on the high seas and deep seabed beyond national jurisdiction. …  

01 Apr 2010 | Project description