Invertebrate Conservation Sub-Committee


The Invertebrate Conservation Sub-committee (ICSC) was established in 2005 to tackle the enormous challenge of how to manage conservation action for the most species rich taxonomic grouping on Earth. The ICSC’s responsibilities are the implementation of invertebrate conservation priorities with respect to the SSC’s Mandate and agreed contributions to the IUCN Intersessional Programmes. As such, the SSC ICSC advises the SSC Chair and Steering Committee on implementation of the agreed priorities, identifies other emerging issues of concern for invertebrate conservation and seeks out new and relevant partnerships for invertebrate conservation. The ICSC has worked hard to create an appropriate structure within the SSC network of Specialist Groups in order to achieve these objectives.

Axel Hochkirch


Invertebrate Conservation Sub-Committee Chair:
Axel Hochkirch



Contact details for all ICSC members are available here

Odontolakis sexpunctata

Odontolakis sexpunctata

Photo: Axel Hochkirch

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