Rule : reforming water governance

01 May 2009 | Downloads - publication
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Author(s): Iza, Alejandro, ed. ; Stein, Robyn, ed.; IUCN, Water and Nature Initiative
Published: 2009
Series: WANI Toolkit
ISBN: 978-2-8317-1027-3


Effective water governance capacity s the foundation of efficient management of water resources. Water governance reform processes msut work towards building capacity in a cohesive and articulated approach that links national policies, laws and institutions, within an enabling environment that allows for their implementation. This guide shows how national water reform processes can deliver good water governance, by foucssing on the principles and practice of refrom. RULE guides managers nad decision makers on a journey which provides an overview of what makes good law, policy and institutions, and the steps needed to build a coherent and fully operational water governance structure.


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