4,557 Hits to CEC Video on Communicating Biodiversity: Love. Not Loss.

Have you seen the new CEC video 'Love. Not Loss.'? The three-minute video has garnered thousands of viewings on the IUCN YouTube Channel.

"Love, Not Loss" is a video about communicating biodiversity

The video presented by CEC at the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity is a popular item on the IUCN YouTube channel. It's message is that a persistant message of biodiversity 'loss' does not really engage the public. CEC collaborated on the video with Wildscreen and Futerra Sustainability Communications. In a Guardian blog, Futerra's director explains the concept:

"...if our communications combine a message of love for biodiversity with practical, tangible things people can do to positively enhance it, from guerilla gardening to buying organic, they are far more likely to engage and activate a public audience.

For business and government the communications recipe is different. Combining ‘need’ and ‘action’ makes a strong and persuasive economic case coupled with specific demands for changes in company practice or policy.

Ultimately the answer may lie in turning the idea of biodiversity itself into a brand — one whose very promise is the brilliant, beautiful, bountiful, natural splendour of our fertile but fragile world. A brand that we love deeply, that inspires and motivates us to take action to protect biodiversity, not just because we have to but because we want to."

 What people are saying about 'Love. Not Loss.'

  • Great. A Deep ecology message actually. All we know: love is the answer.
  • It’s about time an environmental group decided to use the force of positive rather than negative
  • The question might be when to ring the alarm and when to sing love songs. It's an interesting contribution but I'm not quite convinced
  • Excellent! Well done!
  • Great video, well produced.
  • "In the end, we will conserve only what we love, love only what we understand, understand only what we are taught." - quote by Baba Dioum. Maybe this is stating the obvious, but it's still something that seems to be overlooked in a lot of conservation efforts.
  • This is the way we try to do it.

CEC members are encouraged to use the video to spark discussion about the most effective ways to reach key audiences with messages about biodiversity.

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