The 4th Forum on Trade of Legal and Sustainable Wood in China

IUCN-China and Forest Trends are pleased to announce the 4th informal forum to discuss issues related to the trade of legal and sustainable wood in China. The meeting will be held at Beijing Oriental Garden Hotel in Beijing on April 21-22, 2009.


The aim of this series of meetings is to establish a regular open meeting place for key stakeholders to hold constructive discussions about the international trade of sustainable and legal forest products between key producer, manufacturing and consumer countries. The meeting is a place to share findings from new research and information/update on relevant initiatives. Ultimately, we would like to ensure that international and local stakeholders are familiar with each others’ work and can work together to implement solutions that may be useful in China.

The previous three meetings were held on April 26-27, November. 1-2, 2007, and June 18-19, 2008 in Beijing and brought together more than sixty participants from Chinese and international NGOs, governments, academia and the private sector. The meetings have been well received. Participants responded positively to the informative presentations and opportunities to discuss issues and concerns freely, as well as the chances for forging great partnerships.

The generous support from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) has made it possible to continue this initiative. For the 4th meeting, TRAFFIC will contribute a session to discuss trans-boundary customs cooperation to control illegal logging.

The agenda for the 4th meeting is currently under development. It aims to increase participation among Chinese government, manufacturers, industry associations and civil societies, with sessions exploring updates on legislative initiatives in both US and Europe, markets for certified wood products, progress on FLEGT/VPAs, responsible forestry investment, China/Africa timber trade, trans-boundary customs cooperation, as well as other practical tools to combat illegal logging and associated trade.

Participation at the meeting is free and open to all, but pre-registration is essential. Please contact Li Jia at (Tel. +86 10 8532 4822) to register before April 6th.

For more information please contact Sun Xiufang at or Dong Ke at in Beijing, or Kerstin Canby at in Washington DC.

Department of International Development is a sponsor of this series dialogues.

TRAFFIC is a co-sponsor of the 4th dialogue.



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