Agri-environment measures for conservation: a way forward in Moldova and Ukraine

International Conference closes the 2 year long project and draws the public attention to its recommendations for development of agri-environment Programme and support for High Nature Value farming both in Moldova and Ukraine. Conference is organized by IUCN in cooperation with Moldovan Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, that will present the newly registered logo of organic farming of Moldova.


Conference is held today in Chisinau, Moldova and its purpose is to share the data collected and results of the work carried out in Moldova and Ukraine. Land abandonment, under grazing and rural communities’ poverty are common reality markers in these countries. Farmers and their communities lack alternative income sources connected to farming practices which benefit landscapes and biodiversity. Therefore, the general conclusion leads to organic farming promotion and support to agri-environment measures for conservation.

The conference is a closing event of the 2-year project implemented by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) in cooperation with BIOTICA Ecological Society and NECU (National Ecological Centre of Ukraine). The project is financed by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For further information please contact Tomasz Pezold, IUCN SEE.

South-Eastern Europe 
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