Alexandre Kiss Environmental Law Papers Award

Last year the Commission on Environmental Law (CEL) launched a Call for Papers, aiming mainly at encouraging the work of young environmental lawyers.

During the last Steering Committee meeting, it was decided that the award was to be named after Prof. Alexandre Kiss, who passed away earlier this year. Prof. Kiss was one of the pioneers in research on international environmental law, and a Honorary CEL Member. The authors of the two best papers have been awarded a ten-day internship at the ELC in Bonn, with coverage of their travel and accommodation costs, while the three best papers will be published in a journal. The selection committee was composed of Prof. Edith Brown Weiss, Prof. Michel Prieur and Dr. Alejandro Iza. The winners of the first CEL “Alexandre Kiss Environmental Law Papers Award” are Louise Camenzuli (1st place), Tran Thi Huong Trang (2nd place) and Paule Jessie Nanfah (3rd place). The call for papers 2007 will soon be announced.

1st place: Louise Camenzuli (Australia): The development of International Law at the Multilateral Environmental Agreement COPs and its validity
2nd place: Tran Thi Huong Trang (Vietnam): Legislation on Genetic Resources Conservation in Vietnam
3rd place: Paule Jessie Nanfah (Cameroon): L’evaluation environnementale dans la mise en ouvre des conventions internationales

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Environmental Law
Environmental Law
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