arborvitae Issue 36

Rights-based approaches to forest conservation

  • News: Liberia’s forest exploitation over the last half-century has ridden roughshod over customary property rights.
  • Perspective: The urban public generally view forest conservation as an unquestionably ‘good thing’ akin to apple pie, motherhood and soccer.
  • Feature: Are the ‘rights of nature’ always consistent with human rights? What about organisms such as viruses which can kill people?
  • Around the world: Now that the land is ours we have to take care of it.
arborvitae 36 - Aug 2008
  • 2 Editorial
  • 3 Livelihoods and landscapes
  • 4-5 News: News on Liberia’s Community Forest Rights Law and Colombia’s General Forestry Law
  • 6 Legal aspects of the rights-conservation nexus
  • 7 Perspective: Why forest conservation is not good news for local communities
  • 8-9 Feature: Rights-based approaches to forest conservation
  • 10-13 Forest people’s rights around the world: Cases from India, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Guatemala
  • 14 Forest programme partners: Rights and Resources Initiative
  • 15 IUCN Commissions: CEL
  • 16 Reviews
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