arborvitae Issue 38

Forests and conflict

  • Goma: If we don’t do anything and wait until the war is over, there won’t be any more forests and animals to conserve.
  • Sudan: Refugees need many natural resources to help them reconstruct a life, albeit a temporary one, in their hosting area.
  • Feature: High levels of violence in forested areas are no coincidence. They don’t call it ‘jungle warfare’ for nothing.
  • Chiapas: Mediation is a prerequisite where conservation and indigenous rights clash.
arborvitae 38 - Jan 2009 (en)
  • 2 Editorial
  • 3 Livelihoods and Landscapes: DRC
  • 4-5 Refugees and forests: Burundi and Sudan
  • 6-7 Does conflict help or hinder conservation?
  • 8-9 Feature: Jungle warfare: what comes next?
  • 10-11 Managing forest conflict: Asia and Africa
  • 12-15 Forest conflict cases: Brazil, Thailand, Ecuador, Mexico
  • 16 The interview: Ashok Khosla, President of IUCN


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