arborvitae Issue 40

Forest and Climate Change

  • Negotiations: The US is in ‘catch-up mode’, having effectively been out of the negotiations during the Bush administration.
  • Feature: ...the only real fact is that if we don’t act now for a change in the trends of GHG emissions, we are condemning the world to costly and unavoidable consequences.
  • Perspective: The distributional game is the most serious hurdle for progress.
  • Interview: This was the moment when REDD transformed from a theoretical discussion to a real possibility.
arborvitae 40 - 2009 (en)

2 Editorial
3 Livelihoods and Landscapes: making REDD fit reality
4 News: negotiations: the story so far
5-7 Adaptation: assessing climate vulnerability in Zambia, multi-altitude corridors in Ecuador, learning from pastoralists
8-9 Feature: the need for a broad-based approach to forest-based mitigation
10 Perspective: the politics of REDD
11-15 REDD: proposals for a post-2012 REDD, financing options, gender impacts, forest peoples, forest governance
16 The interview: Gisela Ulloa

Work area: 
Climate Change
Climate Change
Climate Change
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