Armed Conflict and the Environment

On September 17-18, 2007, the CEL Specialist Group on Armed Conflict and the Environment co-convened an international meeting on "Managing Natural Resources in Post-Conflict Societies: Lessons in Making the Transition to Peace."

Nawzat Ali, Carl Bruch and Hassan Partow

Approximately 35 people participated in the meeting, which was held in Geneva in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch. Co-Chairs Carl Bruch and Michael Bothe led the meeting, with Hassan Partow from UNEP. CEL Steering Committee Member Nawzat Ali also participated. The meeting identified a range of post-conflict countries in which natural resources played an important role in peacebuilding and recovery. The participants shared observations regarding lessons learned and considered a range of follow-up actions to improve post-conflict management of natural resources, particularly as it relates to peacebuilding. The discussions from the meeting will frame the analysis that the Specialist Group is undertaking on post-conflict natural resources management.

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Environmental Law
Environmental Law
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