Assessing environmental ed in Cabo Verde schools: Experts wanted

Do school curricula in Cabo Verde integrate environmental issues? Portuguese-speaking experts are needed for an assessment.

Children in Cabo Verde participate in the release of juvenile marine turtles

Since 2008, IUCN Guinea Bissau has coordinated a regional programme for environmental education in seven coastal countries in West Africa (PREE – PRCM One of the main objectives of PREE is to support the integration of environmental education in the school curricula of the different countries.

To assist the Environmental Education Network of Cabo Verde, the PREE is looking for two experts speaking Portuguese to assess if environment and environment education have been well-integrated in the new basic and secondary school programs. The terms of references for this consultancy are available at IUCN Guinea Bissau: Frederic AIRAUD, IUCN Program Officer,

This call for proposal for consultants in environmental education can be an opportunity to make our partners from Cabo Verde benefit from the know-how and the experience of Portuguese speaking members of CEC. It is a possibility to focus attention on the experts of CEC from Portuguese-speaking countries that could create links with Environmental Education Network of Cabo Verde and the PREE – PRCM.

For more information, contact Frederic AIRAUD, IUCN Program Officer,

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