Barclays Bank’s Team visits Mangroves Plantation Site

News Release: Karachi - December 23, 2010. Barclays Bank’s two-member team visited the proposed plantation sites near Port Qasim. Mr. Tahir Qureshi briefed the team about the threats posed to the ecosystem; he also outlined the criteria for selection of mud flats where the plantation will be carried out. The team also had the opportunity to personally observe some of the threats to the existing patches of mangroves by the untreated industrial effluents and sewage discharged into the sea through the drainage system of the city.

IUCN Expert briefing the team of Barclays Bank.

The team visit of Barclays Bank is part of an agreement between IUCN and Barclays  Bank to collaborate in mainstreaming conservation and social considerations into the business of Barclays Bank in Pakistan. Under this agreement IUCN Pakistan will raise mangroves plantations  on 25 hectares along the Karachi coast near Rehri village as a means to rehabilitate the area and revitalize the marine ecosystem by engaging local community. The mangrove forest plays an important role in reducing the effects of  pollution. It has also been recognized as potential carbon sink and provides an essential habitat for marine life.

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Rehabilitating Coastal Ecosystems
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