Biofuels Conference

The Shell-IUCN partnership is sponsoring the 7th International Conference on Biofuels, hosted by IUCN Member Winrock International India in Delhi, India on 11-12 February.

Ashok Khosla

Policies worldwide have been developed to promote the use of biofuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport, as well as provide an alternative to costly fossil fuels and promote rural development. However, biofuel developments can also exacerbate environmental problems linked to industrial agriculture: land-use change, deforestation, water use and invasive species. In response, a number of sustainability initiatives have been established to address such issues. The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels is a multi-stakeholder initiative that both IUCN and Shell have been active members. A “version one” of principles and criteria has recently been released and is currently being tested across a number of pilot sites (see

The Winrock International India 7th International Biofuels Conference will bring together specialists and experts from across the globe to discuss the above issues and propose practical solutions, both from an Indian and global perspective.

IUCN is coordinating the Sustainability component of the conference. Ashok Khosla, IUCN President, will be presenting in the opening session and Jeff McNeely, former IUCN Chief Scientist, will present on international biofuel policy as well as the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels, for which he was chair of the Environment working group. Nadine McCormick will present on solutions to reduce the risk of causing indirect land-use change linked to biofuel developments.

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For more information on IUCN’s work on biofuels, please contact Nadine McCormick, Network Coordinator – Energy. 

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