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CEC member Carlos Micilio of Argentina invites CEC members to consider his philosophical blog on the environment.

Carlos Micilio, Consultora Urbano Ambiental, CEC member

 by Carlos Micilio

For years I have been developing in many Latin American and European countries, through lecture, projects, proposals, collaborations and articles where I always left my position clearly attached to the waste problem without fear, based, of getting to public ridicule by promoting education as the real foundation of all design of public policies related to waste treatment. I'm not at all against any progress to be directed towards environmental sustainability, but these reflections have the effect of anachronism that is still proceeding.

To apply a brief synopsis, we could say that it should be on your agenda to environmental issues as a state policy and make it cross his entire government administration. Enforce laws and ordinances for one not feel you're in a anomie that hurts us all. Promote sanctions and actions for any offender, or responsible. Encourage separation of waste at source, but seriously. Induce the community to take charge of the waste through a tax treatment. Without having to delve into the existential thesis, according to which each is responsible for himself, we know that it is essential in the use and consumption habits. People expect solutions, but they are part of the problem ... therefore depends on them ... part of the solutions. Taking charge and getting involved, is part of the solution.

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Carlos Micilio

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