Burkina Faso: climate change adaptation days-fostering partnership for inclusive adaptation process in the northern

The northern region in Burkina Faso is among the most vulnerable to climate change. Located at the border of the Sahel, it has experienced recurrent drought over the past forty years. This has led to cyclical food insecurity, because the agricultural production system is mainly rain fed.

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High temperature and strong winds are also threatening the livelihood resources. Sporadically, the region is affected by locust invasion which led to crop damages. In the context, the CGIAR program on climate change, agriculture and food security has been working since 2012 to support over five hundred thousand inhabitants and their development partners with climate related information, skills and agricultural technologies. In fact, about 90 % of farmers are engaged in subsistence farming (cereals production) and extensive livestock production (small ruminants), which are climate dependent activities.

The International union for conservation of nature (IUCN) with financial support from the program on climate change, agriculture and food security (CCAFS) is organizing the first climate change adaptation days from 1st to 2nd April 2014. This event has received political support from the regional government who has been actively involved through setting up a regional organizing committee composed of all regional directorates and representatives of NGOs. Additional technical and financial supports are provided by CGIAR centers (ICRISAT and CIFOR), national research institute (INERA). This event will gather about hundred participants from local communities, research centers, local and regional governments and NGOs.

The overall objective of these days is to influence the national adaptation planning through by taking stock of the potential and constraints to developing and implementing adaptation process in the northern region. Over fifty oral communications are expected from local communities, governmental agencies, NGOs and scientists to show cases of successes and failures in adaptation to climate change. The working paper on the “Participatory vulnerability assessment and planning of adaptation to climate change in the Yatenga, Burkina Faso” will also be launched in the course of this event.

It is also expected that the event will come out with agreed way of doing inclusive adaptation including the required political and scientific supports. We think that this event will mark new departure for national adaptation program which is inclusive throughout the whole adaption planning process in the northern region in particular and in Burkina Faso in general. Further articles will follow to discuss the main achievements of these climate change adaptation days.

For more information, kindly contact: jacques.somda@iucn.org and r.zougmore@cgiar.org

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