Business and the EU Biodiversity Strategy

The private sector has a crucial role to play in helping conserve biodiversity in the European Union. As major users of natural resources, businesses can have a large positive impact on the environment by reducing their footprint and adopting more biodiversity-friendly measures. 


The Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 of the European Union offers the framework for action for the private sector. For each of the six Targets of the Strategy, companies can design and implement specific measures for biodiversity. The contributions of the business sector in particular agriculture, food supply, forestry, finance, non-energy extractive industry and tourism were discussed at one of the workshops held by the EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform. You can read the publication here. The document provides a summary of the workshop conclusions and includes the recommendations for each of the six sectors.

IUCN is the lead implementing organization of the EU B@B Platform in cooperation with European Landowners' Organization, European Centre for Nature Conservation and PwC. 

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