Call to action for Water, Energy, and Food Security

The dialogue is a call to action to those leading transformations in water infrastructure planning, financing and operation from IUCN and IWA.

Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions

How is water infrastructure best managed for water security?

But what options and management tools also build energy and food security?

IUCN  and IWA are launching the Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions. Recognition of the closely bound interaction between water, energy and food production and use – the nexus - has led to new demands for water infrastructure and technology solutions.

We invite you to participate, contribute and learn, and to join us in building partnerships for action and innovation on water infrastructure solutions for the water, energy and food security nexus. To find out more and get involved, see the attached – and visit

For further inquiries, please contact

Claire Warmenbol
Communications Officer – Global Water Programme

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