CEC at the 9th Session of the International Year of Forests

CEC will be holding a side event on ‘Communicating forest values’ at the United Nations Forum on Forests on 27 January in New York. If you will be attending UNFF9, kindly complete the attached form for IUCN.


Celebrating people's action to sustainably manage the world's forests

The CEC side event draws on the messaging of Branding Biodiversity by Futerra, including presenting the ‘Love, Not Loss.’ video. CEC Focal Point Rod Abson will facilitate the side event.

The side event will showcase IUCN and CEC as practitioners in environmental communications, drawing on examples from the Arbor Vitae ‘Communicating Forest Values’ special issue. We will also present the International Year of Forests as an opportunity for the international forests community to engage with new audiences.

Will you be attending UNFF9?

Please let IUCN know your plans for the UNFF9 meeting and the International Year of Forests by completing this basic form with information on your involvement and thoughts on UNFF9 and/or the International Year of Forests. Please return the form to us by email directly to daniel.shaw@iucn.org

Communiquez-nous vos projets pour la réunion du FNUF9 et l’Année internationale des Forêts en complétant ce formulaire de base, où vous détaillerez votre engagement et vos projets pour le FNUF9 et/ou l’Année internationale des forêts. Merci de nous retourner directement le formulaire par courrier électronique à l’adresse suivante : daniel.shaw@iucn.org  


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