CEPA Japan promotes "5 Actions" for biodiversity

CEC members in Japan with many supporter are trying to mainstream biodiversity through the declaration “5 Actions” and the Japanese LOVE NOT LOSS movement.

CEC members in Japan are promoting "5 Actions" for biodiversity

By CEC members Mr. Masahiro KAWATEI, representative of CEPA Japan and Ms. Keiko Honma, CEPA Japan

My declaration “5 Actions” is a simple approach. It suggests that ordinary people to take 5 actions: eat, feel, show, conserve and select. But the explanatory text never says that these actions are for biodiversity, it just suggests better health, precious time with family and local community and use not disposable commodities but commodities in a respectful manner. And say such lifestyle thereby contributes to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. In short we would like to convey that LOVE (daily) LIFE make a difference.

One of our innovations was to make “5 actions” a nationwide movement and a more participatory mechanism. CEPA-Japan was strongly involved in the development of the Japan Committee for United Nations Decade on Biodiversity (UNDB-J). Our approach was identified as key tools for UNDB-J as well as Japan National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2012-2020. As the UNDB-J campaign, Japan is collecting more than a million individual declarations until 2020. At the same time CEPA-Japan will introduce best practices which contribute to the 5 Actions.

CEPA-Japan reaches this approach through long discussion and trial-and-error. After the CBD-COP10, IUCN-CEC members of Japan established CEPA-Japan as the reconstitution of three working groups of Japan Civil Network for CBD(JCN-CBD), working group for public awareness, TEEB and development. CEPA-Japan member came from not only nature conservation NGOs but also diverse and talented people in this fields, like business, medias, ad agency and so on.

We contacted to leading scientist Dr. Tetsukazu YAHARA(IUCN SSC) and developed “5 Actions” and promote it before and during CBD-COP10 as common approach by JCN-CBD. CBD-COP10 was historical meeting, compared to past CBD-COP with the agreed Strategic Plan and Aichi biodiversity targets and proposal on United Nations Decade on Biodiversity. Aichi target 1 is ambitious one it says at latest 2020, all people be aware of importance of biodiversity and aware how to contribute to conserve and sustainable use of biodiversity. CEPA is the most important and basic tool for fulfilling Aichi target. As the contribution to CBD discussion, CEPA-J in collaboration with UNDB-J and Japan Committee for IUCN hold the CEPA Fair side event at CBD-COP11 to showcase our approach already. And also IUCN-CEC programme 2013-2016 has strong focus to Aichi target 1 and CEPA-Japan experience will contribute to this programme.

For more information, contact Mr. Masahiro KAWATEI
E-mail: cepajapan@gmail.com


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