Complementary tools for RBA to conservation

At the XIII World Forestry Congress held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the IUCN Environmental Law Centre (ELC) hosted a side event to present complementary tools for Rights-based Approaches (RBA) to conservation which have been developed in collaboration with IUCN partners. As a highlight of the event, the new RBA to conservation portal was launched. Developed by the ELC, the RBA portal is intended to serve as a central point for collecting relevant information on RBA to conservation and sharing it with the larger IUCN community. The RBA portal can be accessed at

IUCN booth at World Forestry Congress, October 2009

Officially opened by the IUCN Deputy Director General, Dr. William Jackson, the side event introduced a large audience to the IUCN RBA mandate. This is based on IUCN Resolution 4.056 which was adopted at the IV World Conservation Congress in 2008 and requests IUCN to engage with its members and partners to facilitate exchange of experiences on RBA to conservation as well as its implementation.

The event launched two complementary RBA publications developed by IUCN: The latest ELC publication entitled Conservation with Justice: A Rights-based Approach introduces the concept of RBA to conservation and examines how it is currently being applied (or not) in the context of climate change, forestry and protected areas policies. Furthermore, this publication provides a step-wise approach for the development and implementation of RBA to conservation in law and policy.

The second publication entitled Rights-based approaches: Exploring issues and opportunities for conservation is the outcome of a collaborative effort of many individuals and their organizations which belong to the wider IUCN family. Edited by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), the Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP), the IUCN Senior Policy Advisor and the IUCN ELC, this book provides a more practical and casuistic approach which will contribute to substantive discussion, learning and action around RBA to conservation.

Finally, the ELC launched the new RBA to Conservation web portal which can be visited at Making use of new sharepoint and wiki technologies, the ELC has developed this web site which intends to encourage a comprehensive application of RBA to conservation, by means of raising awareness and building capacities. It is expected that the broad IUCN community, comprising IUCN staff, commission members as well as institutional members, will collaborate in sharing information and further developing the concept. For this, the new RBA portal provides an excellent tool as it allows interactive discussions and joint knowledge creation and sharing.

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