Conservation storytelling from science to IPBES

"Science and stories are not the same thing, although stories have long been the outward face of conservation science. With the launch of IPBES we are going to have to more carefully and strategically untangle our stories from our science," writes IUCN experts in the recent issue of Conservation Biology

Funny Talking Penguins

"The rate of species’ extinctions that framed the launch of our discipline was too high not to use whatever communication tools would be most effective to get people to address the crisis," says Kent H. Redford, Craig Groves, Rodrigo A. Medellin, and John G. Robinson. "We practiced science, and science structured the programs conservation practitioners implemented, but science showed no promise of changing peoples’ attitudes and behaviors. Stories did that, and we used them to convince the world of the urgency of paying attention to the global loss of biodiversity (genes, species, and ecosystems)."

Mr Redford and Mr Groves have long involvement with the IUCN expert Commission on Species Survival (SSC) and World expert Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), while Mr Medellin is the Co-chair of the SSC Bat Specialist Group and Mr Robinson is IUCN new Regional Councillor for North America and the Caribbean.

Click here to read the full editorial “Conservation Stories, Conservation Science, and the Role of IPBES” of Conservation Biology (Volume 26, No. 5, 2012) published by the Society for Conservation Biology, an IUCN Member. 

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