Day 2: Mr Kevin Whitfield and Mr Duncan Abel, Nedbank Capital

Participants from Nedbank Capital, an IUCN partner, Mr Kevin Whitfield - Head of Carbon Finance and Mr Duncan Abel - Carbon Transactor, provide their perspective following a second day of debates and disucssions at the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Conservation Forum.

Mr Kevin Whitfield and Mr Duncan Abel from Nedbank Capital, an IUCN partner

The Forum has been a great opportunity to engage with IUCN stakeholders (governments, NGOs and partners) in exploring and agreeing the way forward to financing green and sustainable projects.

Africans should think creatively to develop other mechanisms for financing sustainable land and natural resources management.

We should aim to remove emotions from our investment decisions and replace them with collaboration in order to make best use of our scarce factors of production to achieve efficiency and maximum yield (from land, labour entrepreneurship, finance).

This will stabilize sources of financing by establishing conditions that enhance countries’ competitive advantage, as opposed to perpetually depending on multilateral and bilateral Overseas Development Aid.

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East and Southern Africa
East and Southern Africa
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