"The Deep" Expo moves to Hong Kong

Author, film-maker and IUCN Ambassador for the Oceans, Claire Nouvian, today opened the Hong Kong leg of her travelling exhibition on the incredible biodiversity in the deep seas. 

Deep-sea squid. Teuthowenia pellucida

The exhibition, which includes real specimens, as well as the finest photography selected from a photobank of 7'000 images taken on various oceanographic expeditions, is a culmination of over five years of preparatory work.  It is hoped that the exhibition will raise awareness of the fragility of the deep seas in the face of unregulated and destructive fishing practices.  There is genuine concern in the scientific community that hundreds of species are being driven to extinction before scientists even get a chance to discover their existence.

"Most people believe that there is no life at all in the ocean’s depths," says Claire Nouvian. "It is difficult to interest the public in conservation issues without first having shown them what does exist in the deep sea. We must continue to make them dream and give them the willingness to fight for whatever still lives on the earth."

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Marine threatened species
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