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Delta Environmental Centre is an environmental education, training and consultation network that aims to encourage participation in environmental action projects by sharing appropriate knowledge and developing responsible values and attitudes.

Delta Environment Centre Class

Delta offers a National Diploma in Environmental Education and Development Practice after a two year course with a total of 245 credits. It also offers accredited short courses in a number of areas. These courses are accredited under the Education, Training and Development Practice – Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP-SETA).

First, is a programme on Designing environmental learning programmes which has a credit value of 18. The programme explores how to design, organize and implement an environmental learning programme. It focuses on environmental practitioners within NGOs, government department as well as educators within schools.

Another programme is on exploring ethical and justice dimensions within environmental issues. This programme has credit value of 14 and gives environmental practitioners in government departments, NGOs and schools an opportunity to explore complex nature of environmental issues.

Delta also empowers environmental practitioners with skills to explore how to frame educational responses to environmental issues and design and implement an action plan for education project. This is achieved through a programme on Understanding environmental issues and responses which has a credit value of 34.

Other programmes are Designing inclusive environmental programmes – accommodating learners with special needs (with a credit value of 16), Designing environment education materials (with a credit value of 10); and Exploring the nature of environmental education (with a credit value of 14).

Delta Environmental Centre’s accredited training programmes seek to empower participants to “be the change they want to see in the world”. The participants are engaged in a process of active enquiry and investigation that stimulates life-long learning.

For more information, please contact: Shanu Misser, Presha Ramsarup or Ulisha Goburdhan on; or

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