Dr. Arzu Rana-Deuba re-elected as IUCN Regional Councillor

Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba has been re-elected as the IUCN Regional Councillor from South and East Asia in the IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) held from September 6—15, 2012, in Jeju, Republic of Korea. 

Dr. Arzu Rana-Deuba with members after being re-elected for Regional Councillor of South and East Asia Region.

Among the eight candidates for three members representing South and East Asia, Dr. Deuba of Nepal was elected along with Shinichi Kitajima of Japan and Meena Gupta of India. She has already served one period as Regional Councillor after elected four years ago in Barcelona. She is first candidate from Nepal succeed to reach in the highest decision-making body in the sixty-four years of IUCN's history.
In the first term as IUCN Regional Councillor, Dr Rana-Deuba served as Chair of the Gender and Biodiversity Task Force (GBTF) of the IUCN Council as well as member of the Steering Committee of the Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP) and Co-chair of the Theme on Environment, Conflict and Security (TECS). She also served on the Bureau of IUCN Council. She represented IUCN as keynote speaker at the IUCN-PATA Asia Pacific Conference in 2009 and also as Keynote Speaker on the Himalayas at a Mountain Conference organized in Munich, Germany by ICIMOD and its partners in 2010.
The WCC was attended by around 8,000 participants representing governments and civil society of more than 170 countries of the world. The Congress also elected new council made up of president, treasurer, 21 regional councilors from all continents and Chairs of the six IUCN Commissions. Mr Zhang Xinsheng of China elected as the new President of IUCN at the IUCN World Conservation Congress for next four years. The Council is responsible for the oversight and general control of all the affairs of IUCN, subject to the authority of the World Conservation Congress.

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