France and IUCN to intensify support for IPBES

IUCN has renewed its partnership with France, which aims to support the Union's global biodiversity conservation work, including global governance of natural resources. These joint efforts will strengthen the Union’s contribution to IPBES in the next four years.

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Previous partnership agreement has enabled productive and regular support of IUCN to IPBES, which has been instrumental in the establishment of the Platform and in the recognition of the IUCN’s role and potential as the first-line contributor to this new global science-policy authority on biodiversity and its benefits.

Among other efforts, IUCN has ensured that IPBES rules and procedures provide transparency and independence. We have also developed options for effective IPBES collaboration with existing organisations and the civil society’s inclusion in the Platform’s work. By facilitating stakeholder engagement, IUCN with partners have informed and mobilised numerous stakeholders for participation in the implementation of the first IPBES programme of work for 2014-2018. Together with high-level scientific networks, we have also helped consolidating expert views on main issues relating to the development of a conceptual framework, that will guide the work of IPBES.

The new partnership agreement between IUCN and France will strengthen these outcomes by:

  • securing the support for the Union to coordinate its contribution to IPBES so that a partnership between IUCN and IPBES could be established at the earliest opportunity;
  • building on the previous experience to improve the usefulness of IUCN knowledge for policy-making, especially through the development of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems among other IUCN flagship knowledge products; and
  • integrating IUCN’s work on IPBES into the broader IUCN’s contribution to global environmental governance, including implementation of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and their links with the new Sustainable Development Goals.

For an overview on the efforts of IUCN and France in support of IPBES in 2009-2012, please download this leaflet in English, French of Spanish.

For more details of the new partnership agreement between IUCN and France, please click here.



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