French associations of local and regional authorities together for biodiversity

During the 11th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity which took place last week in India, French associations of cities and regions joined forces for biodiversity. A joint declaration, initiated by the IUCN French National Committee, was signed to show common commitments. 

Hyderabad CBD COP11, City and Subnational Biodiversity Summit

All large networks of local, regional and overseas administrators contributed to the intiative and signed the declaration. Among these: Association des Régions de France (French Regions Association), Assemblée des Départements de France (French Departments Assembly), Assemblée des Communautés de France (French Community Assembly), Association des Maires de France (French Mayor Association), Association des Maires de Grandes Villes de France (French Large Cities Mayor Association), Fédération des Villes Moyennes (Medium-size Cities Federation), Association des Communautés Urbaines de France (French Association of Urban Authorities), Eco Maires and Association des Communes et Collectivités d'outre-mer (Overseas Communes and Authorities Association).

The associations are already taking numerous actions but they recognize the need to strengthen their engagement for biodiversity conservation, considering the urgency of its status.

This week, the IUCN French National Committee has released the latest figures of the Red List of Threatened Species in France: at least 512 plant species are currently threatened in the country. Among these species, 73 are endemic to France. Some examples are: Armérie de Belgentier (Armeria Belgenciens) and Violette de Rouen (Viola hispida), both Critically Endangered. More on the latest figures here (French).

Read more about the joint declaration here (French).

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