Fresh Water: The Essence of Life

CEMEX this month launched 'Fresh Water: The Essence of Life" a new, visually captivating book in both the European Parliament, Brussels and at the COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico

CEMEX book launch, European Parliament

This shows how Earth's freshwater supply and ecosystems are in rapid decline and require immediate action to better protect and manage one of the world's greatest natural assets. Freshwater ecosystems contain a greater concentration of life than anywhere else on Earth and are seriously imperil. Through the power of photography to focus the public eye on critical issues, "Fresh Water" showcases the biodiversity concentrated in one of the world's most important ecosystems.

"Fresh Water", the 18th edition in the CEMEX Conservation Book Series, aims to highlight that human subsistence directly depends on freshwater. Freshwater resources comprise only 2.5% of the total water on Earth and of that small portion, only 0.3% is easily accessible. Freshwater ecosystems provide us with an estimated $7 trillion a year worth of goods and services critical for us to survive and thrive, including water for drinking, waste removal/sanitation, transportation, and to generate 16% of our planet's electricity through hydropower.

The book provides a blueprint for initiatives which will better manage the growing global freshwater crisis, Most importantly, "Fresh Water: The Essence of Life" offers realistic solutions and actions to be implemented now. In order for us to reverse the current trends of freshwater ecosystem degradation we must better understand the number of freshwater species in the world, use fresh water more efficiently, and protect, manage and value freshwater ecosystems.

The book contains precise scientific analysis from some of the most knowledgeable freshwater biologists and scientists in their field, along with images from leading nature and conservation photographers from around the world. "Fresh Water: "The Essence of Life" aims to inspire forward looking policies, laws and institutions that will empower people to take action and allocate our remaining freshwater resources wisely. Any further loss of this essential and incredibly scarce resource will leave our environment, our livelihoods and our future in peril.

CEMEX is honoured to publish this new book in partnership with Conservation International, Nature Serve, Wetlands International, Ramsar, the International League of Conservation Photographers with a compelling forward by Dr. Luc Hoffman, Vice President Emeritus, WWF International.

IUCN collaborated with CEMEX for the 17th edition of the CEMEX Conservation Book Series - The Wealth of Nature: Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity, and Human Well-Being which was launched in 2009.


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