Fundraising Regional Workshop

 A regional workshop funded by the MAVA foundation towards better fundraising skills and financial management 

Fund raising workshop - Jordan

Through the MAVA funded project, a second regional workshop was conducted in Amman, Jordan towards increasing the capacities of the 26 participating NGOs in financial management and fund raising. These skills are therefore intended to pour into the orignal objective of the project which is increasing the NGOs capacity in biodiversity conservation management.

The workshop included training and practical exersices on how to write a project proposal, a fund raising stategy and finally a monitoring and evaluation plan. These skills will help shift the NGOs from an exising situation to a better modified one that targets their initial goals and objectives towards biodiversity managment in their home country.The participating NGOs have also gained enough information to help them identify the right donors and how to fundraise.

This project is focusing on increasing the capacities of the same NGOs from the begining of the project until the end to hopefully benefit their biodiversity management capabalities in the future.

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