How do tropical production forests contribute to biodiversity conservation?

IUCN begins field testing of revised ITTO guidelines for biodiversity conservation in tropical production forests in Brazil, Cameroon, Indonesia and Guyana.

IUCN's field-testing team on biodiversity

Mandated by the member governments of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), the World Conservation Union (IUCN) this week began the process of field-testing the revised ITTO guidelines for the conservation of biological diversity in tropical timber production forests in Brazil, Cameroon, Indonesia and Guyana.

In a planning meeting held in Lally, Switzerland from 23-27 April 2006, common methodologies and work plans for undertaking this field-testing over the next 15 months have been developed. The meeting, organized by the Union, brought together national experts from the four countries and other global experts.

These field-tests are a direct follow up to the work that IUCN did in 2005 to revise and update the previous version of the ITTO guidelines, and will help to optimize the contribution that tropical production forests make to the conservation of global biodiversity.

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