The impacts of agriculture on nature

Three Danish IUCN Members – the Danish Outdoor Council, Birdlife Denmark and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation – recently released a publication on the agricultural industry in the country. A number of other Danish environmental organizations cooperated in the effort.


The publication sheds light on the impact of agricultural production on the environment, animal welfare, nature and recreational opportunities – a concern which is rarely raised in the agricultural departments themselves. The agricultural industry in Denmark tends to focus on the economic value of production and its contribution to society, sometimes neglecting the possible consequences of this production.

The publication which was sent to national and local policy-makers was very well received. It has also been distributed to schools, public authorities, journalists, local organizations and other stakeholders at different levels.

Some facts from the publication

  • 63 % of Denmark is agricultural landscape. This makes Denmark the most utilized country in the world.
  • 81 % of farmland is used for crops for animal production.
  • Agricultural entities are drastically enlarging at the expense of recreational pathways and natural habitats.
  • 1,273 water wells were closed due to contamination between 1999 and 2009.


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