Improving governance in the Maghreb region

From 5 to 8 March 2012 in Tanger, Morocco, the workshop focused on "Improving governance in the Maghreb region by strengthening the capacities of biosphere reserves stakeholders and site managers"

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Biosphere reserves are currently facing many challenges and threats. Among them we mention mainly: the lack of MAB programme implementation at national level in the Maghreb region. In addition to the over mentioned challenges, the new political re-adaptation occurring in the region will certainly push towards new governance models that should be taken into account within the decision making procedures at country level and in the regional agenda of conservation organizations such as IUCN. This will bring an added value to the conservationists community and enhance transboundary cooperation at institutional and sites levels.

As a contribution to address these challenges and foster a dialogue between stakeholders at national and local levels in the Maghreb region, the IUCN Mediterranean Cooperation Centre in coordination with OAPN  held a workshop for improving the governance of the biosphere reserves at the begining of March. This workshop has been the first of a series of events and activities aiming at tackling the challenges that biodiversity and management of natural resources face, to ensure a sustainable development and to foster North-south and South-south dialogue and partnership at institutional and human levels.

The report of the workshop is now available here.

More info: Carla Danelutti

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