Innovative solution for shared waters

During the 7th Water and Nature (WANI) Coordination team meeting in Burkina Faso, the WANI team focused on the project for improving water governance in the Volta Basin (known as PAGEV by its French acronym), implemented by IUCN and the Directorate of Water Resources (DGRE) of Burkina Faso and the Water Resources Commission (WRC) of Ghana.

The Volta basin lacks a basin wide coordination mechanism and a legal framework for the management of the basin resources. However, the six basin Countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali, and Togo) have recently signed a Convention on the Status of the Volta River and the Establishment of the Volta Basin Authoritiy/VBA (19 January 2007), which is in process of ratification. While the ratification process is progressing, and the VBA is in a formative phase, there is a wide range of governance operational issues that have been started by PAGEV. This intervention will serve not only to add value to the supranational institutional framework but to build a process in which all the stakeholders, from the communities up to the national ministries are involved. PAGEV’s approach is characterized by its mobilization of partnerships with stakeholders including ministries, local government, NGOs and the civil society; the implementation of joint activities between institutions in both countries where the project operates (Ghana and Burkina Faso); the establishment of a transborder committee at the community level in which communities will be working together on integrated management issues, and the adoption of a Code of Conduct for the sustainable and equitable management of shared water resources of the Volta Basin, which aims at stimulating basin-wide joint management of the resources. The IUCN Environmental Law Programme is a partner of the IUCN Water and Nature Initiative and coordinates its governance component worldwide.
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