Interactive Portal on Rights Based Approaches to Conservation

The IUCN Environmental Law Centre (ELC) - with the support of the IUCN Senior Adviser for Social Policy, as well as individual members of the Commission on Environmental Law (CEL) and the Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP) - has launched an interactive, web-based “Rights-Based Approach to Conservation Portal” to promote and encourage rights-based approaches to conservation (RBAs to Conservation).


You can access the RBA Portal at:

Although administered by the ELC, the portal is to be supported by IUCN staff and commission members working on rights-related issues in various contexts. You are welcome to register to become a Portal Member (at, and to share your experiences on RBAs to conservation.

While still developing, the Portal is ultimately intended to serve as a clearing-house providing a “one-stop shop” for sharing relevant information and for learning about worldwide initiatives on RBAs to conservation. The Portal aims to enhance synergies, coordination, exchange of experiences, and learning, and in so doing, to support adoption and application of RBAs to conservation. This tool will also contribute to effective implementation of IUCN Resolution 4.056 – Rights based approaches to conservation.[1]

[1] See IUCN 2008. Resolutions and Recommendations - World Conservation Congress, Barcelona, 5–14 October 2008. Pg 68. Available at (last accessed 23 Aug 2010)

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