IUCN’s partner UPM wins Ecolabel award

UPM-Kymmene Corporation, a large pulp and paper manufacturing and timber company based in Finland, has won the EU Ecolabel Award in the Manufacturers category.  


The EU Ecolabel, managed by the European Commission and authorities in every EU Member State plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, is an environmental label recognizing products and services which have been designed to ensure their main environmental impacts are reduced throughout the product’s life-cycle. The EU Ecolabel award applauds the efforts of Ecolabel-certified companies in increasing public awareness and knowledge about the EU Ecolabel through their promotional campaigns. The 2012 edition saw 12 applications across 9 countries. IUCN was a member of the award jury during this edition.

UPM has the largest product range of copying and graphic paper certified under the EU Ecolabel, and in 2012 it became the first company to obtain the EU Ecolabel for newsprint paper products. After receiving the EU Ecolabel certification for copy and graphic paper products, UPM has launched a communications campaign to promote the label and its Ecolabelled products. The communications campaign resulted in more than 160 UPM EU Ecolabelled brands, which has strengthened their position in providing sustainable paper products to their clients.

IUCN has worked with UPM to establish indicators and standards for incorporating biodiversity conservation into the company’s business model. In partnership with the IUCN Finnish National Committee and the Scottish Wildlife Trust, IUCN has engaged professionals from Finnish and UK universities to begin to implement a plan to include rural villages in the biodiversity assessment. The plan will scale up to analyze how rural communities will adapt to sustainable economic development through the IUCN Forest Landscape Restoration approach with the aim to identify ways for UPM to move towards higher utilization of materials and less waste production. Read more on IUCN’s project here.

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