IUCN’s role in forest governance reform processes

This new brief provides an overview of the roles that IUCN can play in support of national and regional forest governance reform processes, particularly those that address illegal logging, its associated trade and other predatory practices.

IUCN's role in forest governance reform processes

IUCN has 60 years of experience in working with government, civil society and the private sector to provide and enrich problem-solving platforms in which sensitive natural resource governance issues, such as illegal logging, can be dealt with in a positive and constructive manner.

The implementation of IUCN’s roles in any particular setting is based on a great deal of consultation with stakeholders. Implementation is adapted in accordance with the circumstances of each country and process, including specific local needs, the range of stakeholders and the existing relations between them. It also responds to IUCN’s membership in that country, whom IUCN works with and supports.

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