IUCN welcomes a new NGO member in South Eastern Europe

IUCN welcomes a new NGO member in South Eastern Europe: Preservation and Protection of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA). Its membership application was approved during the 77th Meeting of IUCN Council.

Pinus heldrachii gjallice, Albania

“Joining IUCN brings an added value to the work of Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment of Albania (PPNEA) on the promotion of common standards and best practices in conservation and sustainable development in Albania, always striving to effectively support grassroots conservation action. Aware of the large network and high profile of IUCN members, PPNEA hopes to improve cooperation with old and new partners at the national and regional level. Experience sharing and learning about standards and practices will greatly help our biodiversity conservation efforts”, says Spase Shumka, Executive Director of PPNEA.

PPNEA is the oldest non-for-profit organization in the country acting in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection. It strives for the conservation of the natural heritage of Albania and the region by strengthening the system of protected areas, species protection, enhancing rehabilitation and conservation measures, always trying to implement actions directly on the ground. Most of the projects are long-term investments in nature and often cross-border, aimed not only at nature conservation but also at site-based ecological development. PPNEA is active in Albania, Greece, and FYR of Macedonia.

PPNEA is currently implementing the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme in cooperation with MES (FYR of Macedonia), EuroNatur (Germany) and KORA (Switzerland). One of the success stories of the project was the proclamation of a national park in the Jablanica-Shebenik Mt. Range in Albania. Technical documents for the proclamation of protected areas will be also prepared for Sar and Illinska-Plakenska Mt. (FYR of Macedonia), as well as for Korabi and Bjeshket e Namuna (Albania). PPNEA is also working on Scientific approach of the Balkan lynx, supported through the framework of the SCOPES Programme, and Human dimension transboundary Programme, supported by The Norwegian Research Council and implemented in cooperation with Balkan partners and NINA from Norway.

IUCN extends a very warm welcome to PPNEA and looks forward to this NGO’s active involvement.

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