Jargon-free communications campaign comes to Warsaw

The campaign's success depends on the attractive language far from scientific jargon, explains CEC member Anna Kalinowska, who featured her project in a 'poster' at Congress in Jeju.

Poster about a biodiversity communications campaign by the University of Warsaw’s University Center

By Anna Kalinowska, CEC member

A new communication campaign promoting the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity is being launched by the University of Warsaw’s University Center. Kicking off the first of November, it builds on the success of a campaign carried out for the International Year of Biodiversity. One of the aims of the campaign is to promote an easy and attractive language of communication and community dialogues versus scientific “hermetic” way of communication. 

The campaign will start with a series of open lectures addressed to a wide public audience including students from different faculties, teachers and residents of urban Warsaw. The lecturing academics and scientists will try to use not strictly scientific but “human language” -- even if the topic of lecture is not easy and connected with different scientific disciplines. The title of the lecture series is “Biodiversity+ “.

The Campaign also includes competitions for art students, publications and seminars. All activities are designed to be attractive, “sexy “ and friendly for participants. I hope that this short information can be interesting for some CEC members as several participants who visited my poster during the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju have caught some ideas to adapt for application in their countries. 

For more information, contact Anna Kalinowska at anna.kalinowska@pro.onet.pl


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