Kenyan Members resolve to work with Secretariat

IUCN members based in Kenya met in the capital, Nairobi, recently to discuss ways of increasing their participation in IUCN programmes.

The members also formed a national committee for which they elected interim officials with a view to strengthening the Union’s membership in Kenya. They recommended the recruitment of new members and building the capacities of existing ones as a strategy for strengthening IUCN in the country.

The meeting was opened by the chairman of the Regional Members Committee for Eastern Africa, Mr. Ali Kaka, who is also the Executive Director of the East African Wildlife Society. Mr. Kaka said that since ROSA and EARO had become one region, there was a need to focus on how to get the committees from the two sub-regions to work together.

The members were informed that the ESARO 2009-2012 draft programme would seek to add value to what they were doing and that the Secretariat would provide them with expertise.

The members agreed that there was a need to strengthen communication among them and find ways of raising resources for implementing joint programmes. The participants resolved to link up with other national committees to explore areas of cooperation and exchange lessons on IUCN work.

The Regional office pledged to strengthen communication among different stakeholders and engage commissions in its programme.

East and Southern Africa
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