Komadugu Yobe Basin: For a sustainable and fair management of lands and water resources.

On October 7th, 2008 at the “Water Lodge”, the Komadugu Yobe Basin project (KYB) presented its activities by showing a film and making a presentation entitled “the integrated water resource management in practice: the case of the Komadugu Yobe Basin”.

Water Pavillon - WCC Barcelona

The threats and challenges faced by this basin, the approach adopted by the aforementioned project and the lessons learned were highlighted. Another presentation was made during an alliance session on October 9th 2008, and made it possible to the project management unit to share its approach to maintaining or boosting the activities undertaken in the flood plain and the supply of the wetlands. The communication tools were also presented. daniel.yawson@iucn.org  / www.kyb-project.net

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