Loving the international colour

Christelle Perruchoud works with IUCN´s World Heritage Programme. This is her first World Heritage Convention and she´s really enjoying the multinational flavour of the meeting.

Christelle Perruchoud, World Heritage Project Management Assistant Photo: Christelle Perruchoud

It’s day 6 in Brasilia. I’m glad I had the opportunity to accompany the World Heritage Unit here and to get a chance to understand better how things are working and how decisions are taken.

As the Project Management Assistant for the World Heritage Unit, I’ve spent most of my time in the IUCN office helping the team with their needs. The UNESCO World Heritage Centre provided all Advisory Bodies with an equipped office (with more or less functioning equipment) to help us with our daily work.

We have also set up a small exhibition space for people to have informal meetings or for IUCN delegates to have short presentations. Since we brought a lot of printed material, this is a good opportunity to distribute our products. More info on that on Monday with Kelly´s blog.

It is inspiring to think that such meetings bring together people from all over the world; some are wearing their local outfit, which is bringing a bit of color to the range of dark blue, gray and black suits, and somehow reminds us that the sun is shining outside!

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