Message from outgoing IUCN Regional Councillor

Kia ora Oceania friends and Colleagues and especially NZIUCN. It has been my honour and privilege to serve as your Regional Councillor in Oceania.

Diana Shand

As the Aotearoa New Zealand nominee I had big shoes to fill following on from Wren Green and Cath Wallace - and indeed many others across Oceania. I have done my best.....coming from other than a science or formal resource management training background I felt I, like the Avis advertisement used to say, had to try harder!!!

I feel in chairing the Council's Private Sector Task Force I have achieved some significant process in getting engagement with the private sector on to a better footing for IUCN, and have high hopes for greater effectiveness with the new Business Engagement Strategy. I hope we find it so. We all expect the "partnership" relationship with Shell will conclude next month and any IUCN engagement with such as Shell will be with a more productive and appropriate approach.

Bringing IUCN to focus more on oceans and Antarctica has been achieved in part, particularly the former with the help of Robin and others. Antarctica and Southern Ocean issues need to be pursued...over to you Andrew and I wish you luck as a Regional Councillor and the freedom to express yourself as a global councillor.

It has been really great working with Christine Milne and Lionel followed by Brendan and Robin - thank you. Taholo, Helen and all others at the ORO have built the office in the most extraordinary way since 2007 - I retain enormous admiration for what has been achieved there...congratulations Taholo.

The Commissions have also proved a great source of strength...I have joined four out of the six and have enjoyed the information and access to assistance these offer - but all have been highly valued. Thank you CEC for the workshops following the Sharing Power Conference in Whakatane. And of course it a matter of particular Oceanic pride to know what has been achieved in CEESP by Aroha.

Anyway, you have all been a great support and I have tried to reflect all your various founts of knowledge and act as a global councillor but bringing to that all the pearls of wisdom from Oceania (reaching down to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica).

Andrew I will support you wherever I can - but have every confidence in you anyway. The same goes for Ana and Brendan (whom I salute for a terrific job as Co-chair of PPC).

So I will sign off while I can still legitimately sign as -

Diana Shand
IUCN Regional Councillor - Oceania


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